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Winlink Wednesday Discontinues Use of Winmor P2P (8/5/2020)
The Amateur Radio Safety Foundation has announced the deprecation of Winmor. In keeping with this change, Winlink Wednesday will discontinue the use of Winmor P2P effective Wednesday, 5 August 2020. If Winmor is removed from Winlink Express prior to that date, Winlink Wednesday will implement this change concurrently.

As of 5 August 2020, the Winlink Wednesday P2P session modes will be as follows:
0730 ET - 0930 ET: ARDOP P2P (including at Alternate Net Control Stations)
1900 ET - 2130 ET: VARA P2P (free version or full-speed paid version)

These changes will be reflected in the weekly reminder messages on the web, in the "Virginia EmComm" Facebook group, and in the messages distributed via Winlink.

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