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(updated 07/12/2020)
* New training video: "Winlink Wednesday Template Creation..." uploaded 10/14/2020
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* "All All About Winlink Wednesday" PDF updated 10/06/2020 (link in first table, below)
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Net Reminder
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Winlink Wednesday:

Winlink Wednesday
Current Week's
Participant Map
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Winlink Wednesday
Current Week's
Net Report and Roster (PDF)
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All About Winlink Wednesday (PDF)
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Winlink Wednesday
Historical Stats Map
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Winlink Wednesday
Check-In History
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ICS-213 Check-in Instructions
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Winlink Wednesday
Century Club Roster
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Training Videos
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Winlink Wednesday
Growth Chart

(updated 10/22/2020)
EA5HVK Weak Signals Software
Home of VARA software
RMS Channels
KW6GB's Winlink Blog
(updated 10/02/2020)

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Amateur Radio
Band Chart
RepeaterBook FCC Part 97 Rules
Wallops Island
Propagation Predictor
Wallops Island
Historic Plots
FCC License Search Grid Square Locator Ham Band Characteristics
Available Vanity Call Signs Virginia EmComm
Facebook Group
Introduction to Winlink
YouTube Video
Amateur Radio License Map - RF Line-of-Sight Map


World Sunlight Map and
Moon Phase
Current U.S.
Severe Weather Map

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