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*** Winlink Wednesday (Episode #317) ***

This being the first Wednesday of the month, weather snapshots are requested; see below for details (no attachments of any type, please). Standard check-ins are always welcome.

WHO: All amateur radio operators
WHAT: Winlink Wednesday
WHEN: Wednesday, 5 October 2022, 0000-2359 ET (UTC: 0400 Wed - 0359 Thu)
HOW: This net will accept check-ins via Winlink only. Send a check-in via any RMS during the timeframe above, or participate in one or both of the P2P sessions below.

Please do not use a "Telnet Winlink" connection (which defeats the purpose of Winlink). The goal is to have the message leave your station via RF.

Please remember to use the correct format for check-in, as shown below (check-in message on a SINGLE LINE), or with optional weather snapshot on a second line, over an RF connection.

To: KN4LQN (or alternate NCS, as appropriate)
Subject: Winlink Wednesday Check-In
Message body: call sign, first name, city or town, county, state (HF or VHF, etc.)
observation time, weather conditions, temperature <<<--- WEATHER ON SECOND LINE

See example in my signature line, below.

Morning session: 0730-0930 ET, (UTC: 1130 - 1330), ARDOP P2P, several frequencies (see chart below).

Net Control Stations - Morning P2P Session Only
Please check in through ONLY ONE of these stations each week.
RoleStationDial FrequencyWidth (Hz)OperatorLocation
PrimaryKN4LQN3582 kHz2000/500David ElkinsChesterfield County
AlternateKE4KEW3565 kHz2000/500Martin KrupinskiAugusta County
AlternateW4RJG7111 kHz500Rory GriffinHalifax County
Messages sent to Alternate NCS must be addressed to the receiving station.

Evening session: 1900-2230 ET, (UTC: 2300 Wed - 0230 Thu), VARA P2P, 3582 kHz (dial).

Net Control Station - Evening P2P Session
RoleStationDial FrequencyWidth (Hz)OperatorLocation
PrimaryKN4LQN3582 kHz2300/500David ElkinsChesterfield County
No Alternate Net Control Stations.

Watch Facebook for details when active.

On Thursday, all check-ins will be acknowledged, and a net report and complete roster will be published to the Web.

KN4LQN, David, Chesterfield, VA (HF)
2100L, cloudy, winds N@1mph, 54dF

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