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*** Winlink Wednesday (Episode #274) ***

Standard check-ins this week (no weather snapshots or attachments of any type, please).

WHO: All amateur radio operators
WHAT: Winlink Wednesday
WHEN: Wednesday, 8 December 2021, 0000-2359 EST (UTC: 0500 Wed - 0459 Thu)
HOW: This net will accept check-ins via Winlink only. Send a check-in via any RMS during the timeframe above, or participate in one or both of the P2P sessions below.

Please do not use a "Telnet Winlink" connection (which defeats the purpose of Winlink). The goal is to have the message leave your station via RF.

Please remember to use the correct format (check-in message on a SINGLE LINE) for check-in, as shown below, over an RF connection.

To: KN4LQN (or alternate NCS, as appropriate)
Subject: Winlink Wednesday Check-In
Message body: call sign, first name, city or town, county, state (HF or VHF, etc.)
observation time, weather conditions, temperature <<<--- WEATHER ON SECOND LINE

See example in my signature line, below.

Morning session: 0730-0930 EST, (UTC: 1230 - 1430), ARDOP P2P, several frequencies (see chart below).

Net Control Stations - Morning P2P Session Only
Please check in through ONLY ONE of these stations each week.
RoleStationDial FrequencyOperatorLocation
PrimaryKN4LQN3582 kHzDavid ElkinsChesterfield County
AlternateKE4KEW3565 kHzMartin KrupinskiAugusta County
AlternateKM4DC3585 kHzDon McCubbinFairfax County
Messages sent to Alternate NCS must be addressed to the receiving station.

Evening session: 1900-2130 EST, (UTC: 0000 Thu - 0230 Thu), VARA P2P, 3582 kHz (dial).

Net Control Station - Evening P2P Session
RoleStationDial FrequencyOperatorLocation
PrimaryKN4LQN3582 kHzDavid ElkinsChesterfield County
No Alternate Net Control Stations.

Watch Facebook for details when active.

On Thursday, all check-ins will be acknowledged, and a net report and complete roster will be published to the Web.

KN4LQN, David, Chesterfield, VA (HF)

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