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#7: Thoughts on the Use of HTML Templates
(November 17, 2021)
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Net Reminder
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Winlink Wednesday
Current Week's
Participant Map
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Current Week's
Net Report and Roster (PDF)
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All About Winlink Wednesday (PDF)
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Historical Stats Map
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Check-In History
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ICS-213 Check-in Instructions
Third Wednesdays
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Century Club Roster
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Training Videos
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(updated through 12/02/2021)
EA5HVK Weak Signals Software
Home of VARA software
RMS Channels
KW6GB's Winlink Blog
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Amateur Radio
Band Chart
RepeaterBook FCC Part 97 Rules
Wallops Island
Propagation Predictor
Wallops Island
Historic Plots
FCC License Search Grid Square Locator
(levine - by address, call sign, grid)
Ham Band Characteristics
Available Vanity Call Signs Grid Square Locator
(karhukoti - point and click, other methods)
Introduction to Winlink
YouTube Video
Amateur Radio License Map
(find others near you)
Virginia EmComm
Facebook Group
RF Line-of-Sight Map


World Sunlight Map and
Moon Phase
Current U.S.
Severe Weather Map

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