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Coming Soon: Winlink Wednesday Under New Management (10/01/2021)
Life brings changes but Winlink Wednesday continues. After more than five years of weekly operations, changes in priorities in my life will necessitate that I relinquish Winlink Wednesday hosting duties at the end of October 2021. Fortunately, the capable and enthusiastic David Elkins, KN4LQN, has volunteered to take the helm. Beginning on November 3, 2021, David will be Primary Net Control for Winlink Wednesday.

Whether you participate in Winlink Wednesday via RMS or during one of the Peer-to-Peer sessions, please remember to address all Winlink Wednesday check-ins to KN4LQN (or an appropriate Alternate Net Control Station listed in the weekly reminder).

Aside from Net Control, don't expect any other big changes to Winlink Wednesday in the immediate future. The website ( will continue. Steve Palmer (KW4SHP) will continue to produce the weekly and historical maps, and Dan Mouer (WA4GSD) will continue tracking participants' Century Club progress. Steve and Dan have relieved me of a significant data processing burden for a long time. Winlink Wednesday Century Club certificates and 200-Week endorsements will continue to be issued by David.

I would like to express my thanks to the more than 1,000 individual stations that have checked into Winlink Wednesday over the years. Because of you, the net has transformed from a one-time Virginia-only experiment into a weekly worldwide event. Hopefully, you have found the net to be a good reason to improve your skills with Winlink by practicing on a weekly basis.

Winlink Wednesday has been a big - and immensely rewarding - part of my life for the past 260-plus weeks. I am very grateful for the friendship and generous support of Alternate Net Control Operators Lyle (N4ACK) and Don (KM4DC), and Subnet Net Control Operators Randy (KE4RL), Frank (KN4DUF), Dave (W4IIA), and Wayne (KM4YC).

I cannot thank David (KN4LQN) enough for his work as a regular Alternate Net Control Station and occasional substitute Primary Net Control Station. With him taking the lead, Winlink Wednesday is in good hands going forward.

Wishing you all the best,
Greg Butler, KW6GB

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