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As you know, Winlink Wednesday has grown significantly over its history, from 16 check-in messages during the first episode on August 24, 2016 to consistently around 400 messages per week since January 6, 2021. That growth has been encouraging, leading one to believe that more and more amateurs across Virginia and beyond have recognized the value of this versatile EmComm tool.

Growth is great, but challenges arise and technology changes. As a result, here are the changes to Winlink Wednesday implemented to address them:

#11 Coming Soon: Winlink Wednesday Under New Management: Life brings changes but Winlink Wednesday continues... (read more) (updated 10/01/2021)
#10 Winlink Wednesday Qualifying Check-In Changes: Not every check-in message will be counted. Effective Wednesday, August 25, 2021 (the beginning of WW Year Six), the following check-in errors will be excluded from the roster... (read more) (updated 07/14/2021)
#9 Statistics reporting changes: As of January 2021, Winlink Wednesday will change the way that participation statistics are reported... (read more) (updated 12/10/2020)
#8 Peer-to-Peer session changes: Winlink Wednesday will discontinue the use of Winmor P2P... (read more) (updated 7/12/2020)
#7 Winlink Wednesday Historical Stats Map update: Steve Palmer, KW4SHP, who recently took over production of the Weekly Participant Map, has expanded his work to include a Winlink Wednesday Historical Stats Map... (read more) (updated 6/22/2020)
#6 Winlink Wednesday Century Club tracking update: Dan Mouer, WA4GSD, has been working diligently... (read more) (updated 6/21/2020)
#5 Winlink Wednesday Century Club tracking: John Lennerton, W4YG, has been assisting me for a long time... (read more) (updated 5/22/2020)
#4 Weekly participant map: I recently abandoned my efforts to produce a map... (read more) (updated 5/22/2020)
#3 Weekly net report and roster: As you may know, I no longer distribute the net report and roster via Winlink... (read more) (updated 5/22/2020)
#2 Morning P2P session pileups: In the words of Dave, K4DND, "Winlink Wednesday has become a victim of its own success"... (read more) (updated 5/22/2020)

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