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Morning P2P Session Pile-Ups
It is now more important than ever to read the reminder message each week. Here's why: In the words of Dave, K4DND, "Winlink Wednesday has become a victim of its own success."

If you are a participant in the morning Peer-to-Peer sessions, you have probably noticed that there is frequently a pile-up of stations trying to contact Net Control. Either stations are not hearing one another, or the session brings out the ugly side of contesting, with a great deal of doubling, which slows everyone. Winlink Wednesday is NOT a contest.

To help rectify this, and make it easier for everyone who wants to submit a P2P check-in, beginning on Wednesday, June 3, 2020, there will be additional Alternate Net Control Stations in operation during the morning session. These stations will be dispersed across the Commonwealth and will each be using a different frequency. The alternate stations and their frequencies (both subject to change) will be included in the WW reminder message, so PLEASE read the reminder message each week.

Please remember that each participating station will only receive credit for one P2P check-in per week so, to effectively reduce congestion, please do not attempt to check in through all available Net Control Stations. You will be included on the roster as a P2P check-in, regardless of which NCS you contact.

de KW6GB

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