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John Lennerton, W4YG, has been assisting me for a long time by creating a worldwide map showing cumulative check-ins. That process also allowed him to track how many times each station participated.

Most of you know about the Winlink Wednesday Century Club (WWCC), which awards a certificate to every station that accumulates 100 weeks of participation. John's work includes a spreadsheet that has made it possible for me to know when someone qualifies for WWCC. The map and spreadsheet are published on the web so that participants can track their own progress.

Circumstances have prevented John from continuing that work, so I have been tracking and issuing those manually, without web updates, since October 2019. Dan Mouer, WA4GSD, has taken over the effort and is currently working to update the database. We hope to begin publishing the spreadsheet and map again soon. Once published, we will announce that with much fanfare, so stay tuned.

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